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The Toyota Vitz (Amharic: ቶዮታ ቪትስ, Japanese:トヨタ・ヴィッツ Toyota Vuittsu) is a line of three- and five-door hatchback subcompact cars that was produced from 1999 until 2019 by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota. ... The "Vitz" nameplate was discontinued in Japan in 2019 for the fourth generation Yaris. Find Toyota Vitz cars for sale or rent in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on If you want to sell your Toyota vitz car you can list it for thousands of car buyers all over Ethiopia. በኢትዮጵያ ትልቁ የመኪና መገበያያ ድረገጽ መኪና ኔት ላይ ለሽያጭ የቀረቡ ቶዮታ ቪትስ መኪኖችን ከነሻጮቹ ስልክ ቁጥር ከታች ያገኛሉ፡፡