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Nissan Patrol Super Safari Station 2021


Nissan Patrol

ብር 8,000,000(Negotiable)


Price : ብር 8,000,000(Negotiable)
Date : June 1, 2023
Condition : Used in Ethiopia
Type : Private Seller (No Commission)
Year : 2021
Body Type : SUV
Transmission : Automatic
Engine Type : Benzine
Color : Grey
Location : Addis Ababa

Super Pimp Car
Things that added to the car :-
*American Racing 3.5 Ang, Down Beep, Carbon Filter DDR, Programming 5 Programming 2 Petroleum 95 2 Petroleum Programming 19, 289 Horsepower Horsepower
*Original ARB moulding umber with ARB searchlight, Australian gas Defences, U.S. king folds, king population aid
*Dash cam with recording, starline system remote vehicle operation and tracking system with machine temperature recording, vehicle, kilometre reading, battery by satellite
*Side right, left headlamp with back
*Full executioner protection on the car from scratches and creases and a 10-year warranty on colour change
*ARB air machine in the bear on the base, installation of water proof tool keeping paneling, Al-Sunaidi brand dressing is water resistant
*Travel water tank with fixed faucet
*Installing an electrical adaptor in the rear bear is suitable for use, TV, light devices for the use of trips
*The car is in the agency condition and all the parts are original installed in Dubai
*Installation of the original Dverisation lock lock
*Dyeing the clippers in red colour 10 years warranty
*27000 km
*Car No. 1 Full Option Model 2021 / 2 Emirates Dealer

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