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Toyota Land cruiser For Rent

ETB 1700 / Day

Category: Car for Rent / የሚከራይ መኪና | Listed: August 14, 2018

excellent Condition, For Long Period...


Toyota Land Cruiser 2H Pick Up 1986

ETB 275,000 Negotiable

Category: Used Car / ያገለገለ መኪና(የለጠፈ) | Listed: August 14, 2018

Excellent condition, Engine Overhauled, Plate No 2 Addis Ababa...

admin-ajax (52)

Toyota Land Cruiser UFZ Urgent 1999

ETB 1,250,000 Slightly Negotiable

Category: Used Car / ያገለገለ መኪና(የለጠፈ) | Listed: August 1, 2018

Excellent Condition, Sunroof, Leather Seat, V8...

2018-07-24 20.36.42

Toyota Land Cruiser 1HZ 2012

ETB 2,300,000 Negotiable

Category: Used Car / ያገለገለ መኪና(የለጠፈ) | Listed: July 24, 2018

Excellent Condition, 1Hz Motor...

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